Meet the international community at GOOTB Summer Edition (Eng)

datum: 01-06-2018

At this year’s GOOTB Summer Edition, June 29th in the city centre of Sittard, there is special attention to the small, but fast growing and important community of expats in the South of Limburg. Find out about the challenges they face building a life and career far from home. What do we, as a region, need to achieve to attract and retain international talent to the Limburg Area? 

Are you an international professional, a local entrepreneur or a governmental executive or policymaker? Then catch up with Holland Expat Center South Maastricht and take part in their inspiring and interactive workshops. Experience also the progress that the Blockchain and AI start-ups of the Brightlands Smart Services campus Techruption program and Redefining Chemistry start-ups from the Brightlands Chemelot Campus have achieved and witness their first pitches in public.

It is also a great opportunity to meet a growing breed of entrepreneurs with a focus on maximizing social impact instead of profit. And get to know the more than 80 start-ups who have been supported to start and grow in our region. Dozens of them will be part of the Innovation Market and some of them even take the stage.

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